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About us

We are Naija Gas Online

Naija Gas Online is a cooking gas online marketing platform headquartered in Port Harcourt Nigeria. Owned by Terol Oil and Gas Nigeria Limited.

The mobile app platform on the google play-store first launched on the Oilhub Nigeria platform (oilhub.com.ng) in Dec 1 2018, then bought over by Terol Oil and Gas in November 2019.

We provide most advanced online and real-time trading and auction solutions for international oil and gas industries and major markets. We operate in all major oil and gas markets across Nigeria, with sales and offices in Port Harcourt, Lagos, and Abuja and on international dealerships.

  • We distribute gas products safely across the length and breadth of Nigeria and Africa at large.
  • Our services include the sales of the household energy products ranging from PMS, LPG as well as the industrial AGO.
  • Our platform also allows buyers and sellers of these products to meet and transact their businesses with ease and within legal terms.
  • We also support the rentals and sales of industrial equipment like trucks, Christmas trees, pipes, vessels, barges, swamp boogie among others.
  • Optimum levels of convenience and customer satisfaction with the retail process; – Lowest price guarantee, order delivery-tracking, dedicated customer service support and many other premium services.
  • Safety is our watchword, for people and products in all the places we go to.

Cooking Gas Online Booking and Delivery.

Best Quality Gas Cylinder

Best QualityGas Cylinders

Best and Top in Class LPG Cylinders. We deals on LPG cylinders that are of prime quality and always durable. The gas cylinders are treated against rust and corrosion.

Several years of experience

Naija Gas Online is a very productive company, that has existed and made an impact in Nigeria. With our qualified staff and dispatchers, the company aims at reaching out for “THE BEST” in whatever we do.

Contact 24h

Our customer support services are extremely wonderful and proven to be different from that of others. Our customers are satisfied with our support .

Always remember that YOU BOOK…… WE DELIVER.

Naija Gas Online is officially Licensed to operate in the gas market as regards to the law of our nation. we are legal and follow the dues process and laid down rules in all our activities.

We are law abiding with outmost integrity

Delivery on Time

Our slogan “YOU BOOK… WE DELIVER” is as a result of our activeness and protectiveness in handling a clients request. We are always on time!

Once you make your bookings, you get your product in 20min or less

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