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Facial Recognition: Now You Cant Hide

Normally videos and photos are tools we used to identify who and who were at our weddings, parties, offices, houses even rooms etc. but now, Facial Recognition Technologies has come to take the center stage. A lot of tools been developed around these technologies are speaking across the world for themselves, we take a look at the Facial Recognition Technologies inside the Wild: A Call for a Federal Office

The Algorithmic Justice League is proud to announce the ebook of the white paper Facial Recognition Technologies inside the Wild: A Call for a Federal Office.

What would this ebook do?

Researchers Erik Learned-Miller, Joy Buolamwini, Vicente Ordóñez, and Jamie Morgensten are recommending an FDA-inspired model that categorizes facial popularity technologies (FRTs) by degree of hazard and develops corresponding redlines and control suggestions.

Left ungoverned, FRTs threaten to spread discrimination and increase the risk of civil liberties and human rights abuses. These problems are more crucial than ever, as technology companies are forced to provide governments with COVID chase measures that embody FRTs that have not been established for reasons or assessed against risks.

Facebook is changing how it uses facial recognition technology — the feature on the platform that allows faces to be tagged in photos. From now on, if you want that feature to be part of your social media experience, you’ll have to opt to turn it on. It’ll be off by default for all new users, and for current users who do nothing when they receive an upcoming notice about the change, Facebook announced in a Tuesday blog post

For More on Facial Recognition Technology watch out for our next post.

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