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DISCOVER THE BENEFITS Why Naija Gas Online Cooking gas is everyone’s need. Whoever is in the
merchandise, should be ready to supply to all homes.
We know you also want to increase you income so ,
why not join us today. Let’s grow business together.

Discover how Naija Gas Online can help ou
establish and grow a new business and achieve
desirable success
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Acquiring a Franchise Learn and understand how to build your own small
business as a Naija Gas Online Franchisee.

You may be asking yourself a number of questions
right now, starting with: Is Naija Gas Onlinethe right
fit for me? We recognize that each franchisee is
unique with their own concerns about their location.
We've done our best to address those concerns below.
have about our franchise business
About Naija Gas Online Naija Gas Online is a cooking gas online
marketing platform headquartered in
Port Harcourt Nigeria. Owned by Terol Oil and
Gas Nigeria Limited.

The mobile app platform on the
google play-store first launched on the
Oilhub Nigeria platform (oilhub.com.ng) in
Dec 1 2018, then bought over by Terol Oil and
Gas in November 2019.

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