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The reason why 12.5Kg Camping Gas Cylinder Not Approved By SON

An LPG cylinder is made of Welded Low Carbon Steel as per the BIS standards. LPG cylinders are manufactured either in a two-piece or three-piece construction. In two-piece construction, cylinders are fabricated by welding two domed ends directly together.

An LPG cylinder is commonly made with steel. However, there are other alternatives. Aluminum is frequently used for forklift sized cylinders.  Its lighter weight allows it to meet certain safety standards that relate to weight and safe lifting. Composites are also becoming more popular.  Fiberglass, molded plastic, and even Kevlar are being used.

12.5 Kg cooking gas cylinders, therefore, come in various types, stainless, fiber, transparent and the common steel-colored types used in most homes in Nigeria.

In all these which head is the best to use or which one is acceptable by the standard organization in Nigeria. The cylinder head is a three-piece assembly consisting of a lower member that contains the gas passages, serves as a mounting for the injector valves and the ignition plug, and forms part of the combustion chamber.

Engr. Obiora Manafa, the Director, Inspectorate and Compliance Directorate, SON in one of the collaborative talks with the stakeholders declared that;

“We did not give any importer approval to bring in 12.5kg for camping, but approvals for 3kg, 5kg, and 6.25kg for camping. In this case, the importer brought in cylinders of 12.5kg as camping and that is why we have seized it for destruction because we cannot allow it into the market.”

Meanwhile, Manafa stated that plans are underway to work with stakeholders in the industry to begin a re-qualification scheme which would put every used cylinder through a re-qualification exercise to ensure that a cylinder is not used beyond its expiration date. know more about Gas @ Naija Gas Online

Identifying some of the challenges to be faced by the program, such as replacing the cylinders after withdrawal, he stated that in a country where gas cylinders are owned by individuals, it would be difficult to carry out the scheme as in other countries where cylinders are owned by marketers.

“In Nigeria, cylinders are owned by individuals but owned by marketers in other climes and once the cylinders are due for re-certification, it is easy for withdrawal, but difficult to get these cylinders from individuals to do re-qualification,”

We enjoin the general public to be unconscious of what the consume to avoid stories that touch.

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